Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Are you really sure you want to invite all of your family?"

Now normally that question wouldn't bother me, sure I understand that having 5 brothers and 2 sisters is a massive commitment to anyone who joins our brood. Although the question came from my Fiance about our pending Nuptials, and to be quite honest, I'm fucking furious!

He just doesnt get it....he has only ONE sibling, so couldnt possibly get it. I feel he has direspected me and my family soo soooooo much.

I completely understand that my brothers can be boisterous- especially when there's alcohol involved, and I understand that I have had a winge on numerous occasions to my Fiance about them, but to be asked to invite some and not others is really upsetting to me. Family is family- I love them all equally and couldn't pick and choose who comes and who doesn't.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I've Changed..... :(

I have found myself in the kitchen this week....'trying' to cook up a storm for my loved ones over the Chrissy period and whilst up to my elbows in sifted flour I realized..... I've changed!

Now usually I was the one who turned up to Christmas at home late, with a ute load of dogs, a carton of grog, some prawns and most likely...seriously hung-over from the Festive celebrations throughout Qld.

I loved my Spinster life back then, no shoes, no shit, no problems.

The only reason I can think of about my change happening is....during the night of my 30th a wicked '30 fairy' put a spell on me and turned me into .....MY MOTHER!

Promise you won't laugh?

Well not out loud anyway...pretty please :) is THE FIRST EVER Christmas baking I have done in my life......

Oreo Truffles dipped in white choc, Cinnamon Trees and my fav...Rum Balls!

'Tis the eve of the Eve folks and this is all I have done for Christmas 2010....I haven't even done my shopping yet....YIKES!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Old is To Old?

In the early hours of this morning our 10 year old comes into our room upset that she has had a terrible nightmare, I immediately scooched over and wrapped her into my arms, hushing her back to sleep. We only have a Queen sized bed and with 3 it seems even smaller. I had the pleasure of reading pottymouthmama's post this morning-  Ah - Sweet Bed!  regarding bed sizes and had to chuckle at her comments. However this blog isn't about how big the bed it, but rather how big our children get and when a certain age is too old.

This morning I let our girl into our bed simply because she was upset with her dream . Within 5 minutes of our Miss M sliding in, B-Rock decides to get out in a huff, grab his pillow and head straight for the couch, grumbling as he went about her being too old to sleep in our bed. Now I understand why he did that, I do..but what I don't get is, it won't be long before she hits 16-17 and we won't have the pleasure of those cuddles. Instead we could be awoken by her calling and waking us up in the night saying she's had an accident, or worse still by a policeman-god forbid.

I enjoy my sleep as much as the next parent, but I enjoy being able to cuddle my 'baby girl' much much more. Time is flying by and surely a few hours of lost sleep doesn't compare?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I love You To The Moon and Back- INFINITY!!!

This morning I found myself looking for some words of encouragement for my little Sister as she is about to embark on one of the hardest things in her life- her daughter is in the process of open heart surgery- she is only 4 years old. So today my dear little sister, this ones for you!

I love you to the moon and back
and then infinity times more
I love you to the moon and back
as you open up this door
I love you to the moon and back
as i take your hand and walk with you
I love you to the moon and back
together we'll see this through.

I love you to the moon and back
when your courage fades away
I love you to the moon and back
I'm right there with you to stay
I love you to the moon and back
lean on me if you wish
I love you to the moon and back
for always my little Sis!

Some Inspiration....

Writers block has had me held at ransom for weeks, maybe its how busy my life has been, or maybe its just the typical everyday frustration of life- busy or not.

I've found myself calling my Mum alot lately, most mornings actually, for a coffee and a chat. We haven't had the best of relationships as Mother and Daughter- we are too much alike I say. However I know that if I need some motivation/inspiration she is the person I turn to most of the time.
I left home for real at 17.5 years of age to work as a Governess/Rousie on a property outside Dirranbandi, something I had yearned for since I was just a little tacker. Mum wrote me this poem and gave it to me the day the truck came to collect me and I often find myself looking back on it for inspiration to keep on keeping on.

Its been a slog
we've had it tough
and, i know at times its been very rough.
But, I have to say
I'm so very proud of you
your Brothers and your Sisters too!

My little girl has turned a page
in that book of life that's been mapped an age
We follow that book our whole lives through
the good times, the bad, and the waiting times too.

You've got your chance now,
grab on and hold tight
you've wanted this badly
work hard, you'll be right!
listen and learn, let your brain be a sponge
others impart, take the plunge.

Take the plunge, but be wary
for there are bad times too
be aware that they're coming
stand tall see them through.
As each one passes
you'll find that in time
they'll seem smaller, lesser
Hey kid, you'll be fine!

I love you my Elizabeth,
I'll pray for your moon.
keep stretching and reaching
for you may hold a star soon
As long as you aim high
the moons not that far
Be proud and be strong
I love the girl that you are!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Iron Roof Irony

It's the drip drip dripping
that really gets to me
When the roof won't stop leaking
and the rains won't seem to ease.

When the water reaches the buckets limit
and it empties everywhere
water trickles through the floor
along the hall and down the stairs.

Its really a problem we don't need
this mouldy mildew mess
When mum and dad aren't coping well
as cattle prices aren't best.

The rains came too bloody late
and they had to sell the stock
and what use to drive me really mad was that tick tock bloody clock.

So now the skies have opened up
and wet us all like shags
Dad reckons us boys will have to go
we'll have to pack our bags
He wants us out, to find some work
and help the family farm
mum cries to him- don't make them go, keep them here safe from harm.

But its not only the stock that Dad has lost
the bank wants to take the lot
you'd think they'd have enough
without the little that we've got.

So now I'm laying in my bed
still listening to that drip
and wondering if my brothers and I
will still have to take that trip.

EVERYTHING looks like a snake!!! :(

So out here in countryville snake season has started, oh yes good and proper. We have gone from flood, in which we were attacked by mossies big enough to saddle up and ride, to now SNAKES!

Now normally I am prepared for such an invasion...I remove all fruit from my fruit bowl in the lounge and replace all said items with bullets for my 410 shot gun. A very colourful arrangement of red really matching my lounge suite.

So today when our little 'snake dog' started with his usual yap of " I found one I found one I found one" I went to investigate (without my rifle) and there he was, Mr Brown. After flying inside       ( like Flo Jo) and returning armed, he had gone....I will say that EVERY step and breath is taken extremely seriously at this point.

I then spent the rest of my day looking for our slithery friend like a stealth bomber floating in mid air stepping weightlessly, after all I have my 4 year old niece coming to visit the farm on the weekend and much to my frustration and dismay I couldn't find him...although EVERYTHING looked like a snake....a twig....the own shadow....and my garden hose could have had enough holes in it to become a soaker..:(

Day one of snake season and I'm down 1 point, not happy at all. If I could just get a email out to them or a memo of some sort I would simply explain the importance of their boundary and my boundary. The rules are simple, don't come into the house yard and live....really is that too much to ask???