Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Are you really sure you want to invite all of your family?"

Now normally that question wouldn't bother me, sure I understand that having 5 brothers and 2 sisters is a massive commitment to anyone who joins our brood. Although the question came from my Fiance about our pending Nuptials, and to be quite honest, I'm fucking furious!

He just doesnt get it....he has only ONE sibling, so couldnt possibly get it. I feel he has direspected me and my family soo soooooo much.

I completely understand that my brothers can be boisterous- especially when there's alcohol involved, and I understand that I have had a winge on numerous occasions to my Fiance about them, but to be asked to invite some and not others is really upsetting to me. Family is family- I love them all equally and couldn't pick and choose who comes and who doesn't.

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